Friday, November 11, 2005

The 60 miles per week plan

I've been thinking about how I can progress my training for Boston. Having tried the Pete Pfitzinger/Scott Douglas schedule it's been valuable in teaching me a few lessons:

  • Mileage is good! I can cope with 60-70 miles per week, but at that mileage it's easy to overdo it

  • Schedules can't fit everyone - the good bit is that they encourage you to run when apathy might have held you back (a problem I don't have!), but the bad bit is you might end up running with niggles and picking up injuries when you'd be better backing off a bit. There were times when I was too tired, and I don't think I was getting the best from the training

  • I can do a long slow run the day after a speed session - 2 hard days in a row - something I've never done before. I think the key here is keeping variety - don't do 2 long runs or 2 speed sessions together

  • The schedule gave me fantastic endurance: lots of long runs and 15-mile midweek runs are the way to go

  • A schedule can be a lonely time if you stick to it and avoid doing club runs - most of our club runs are way too short

  • I can't justify this, but I felt I could have done with more marathon pace sessions

  • So for Boston, I'm going to do my own thing, but incorporating elements of the schedule I used for Cardiff. I want to achieve the following:

  • Get comfortable running regular 60-70 mile weeks

  • Stick with aerobic runs (base training) for at least the first 3 months

  • Have at least 1 marathon pace/steady run per week and another faster session

  • Try to fit in around the club sessions of a group run on Tuesday and an interval session on Thursday

  • 15 mile midweek runs

  • Weekly gym sessions

  • Weekend long runs at least 15 miles with lots of 20-milers (fortnightly?)

  • I can't get everything into 1 week, so here is what a typical fortnight looks like. It's not a schedule as such, but a 'principle'. One thing I need to do is know when I'm overdoing it and back off if need be:
    Tuesday7Gym session am, steady marathon pace club run pm
    Thursday5Recovery (with club - need to ensure I don't get pulled along too fast!)
    Friday8Tempo - middle 3 miles at half marathon to 10k pace
    Monday0'Rest' - gym session
    Tuesday115 slow am, 6 steady pm with club
    Thursday7Intervals with club - long reps (aerobic)

    Each month I'll incorporate a recovery week where I drop the mileage a bit and maybe add a rest day or 2 (that's proper rest - not gym sessions!).

    I'll build gradually to this through November, hold this through mid-December onwards, and maybe add some sharpening/VO2max sessions in March.


    David fagan said...

    Looks like a good, sensible schedule to me WSS. I have just finished the P&D book. I note you say you followed their schedule - which one and how did you find it?

    I was thinking of using one of their schedules for Paris, but think I will stay with Hadd for at least another 6 months then possibly try their 70m schdule after having build a good aerobic base.

    Good luck on your plan.

    David Fagan

    Windsurfin' Susie said...

    The schedule was the 18 week less-than-70-miles schedule.